Coaching with horses – Speak out with your heart

“Those who have the courage to meet themselves should dare to face a horse.”

Coaching with horses is the most efficient way to become aware of the unconscious.

The nature of the horse enables us to use our heart  instead of our head, to feel instead of construct.This can be very helpful, especially when it comes to problem solving, as it eases our ability to develop sustainable and meaningful solutions by carefully managing oneself and one's surroundings, becoming more and more conscious. There is no better place to learn  these foundations as playfully and simply than in the presence of a horse.

As a Equine Assisted Coach, I help my clients become more aware and genuine.

About me:

As a trainer and as the owner of the most successful Academy for equine assisted coaching in Switzerland, I train coaches and accompany them through their equine journey even after starting their career.


For more than 35 years, horses have been an big part of my life. My love of horses became a part of me, whether it was as a sports rider,  a stud manager or as a breeder. My horse knowledge is based on great experience, versatility and heart and soul.

 We have many  offers for you to chose from and for the first time, in May 2019 the Coaching Retreat will take place in Andalusia in corporation with Simin. This unique once in a life time offer, during which you can relax under the powerful sun of Andalusia, will allow you to bring you together with a horse and learn the meaning of enjoying life. In Switzerland, there are many other offers, such as "FinallyMe" - a day that concentrates on you.

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